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Kokopelli Nirvana Spraydeck Packraft


This model is a non-TiZip

The Nirvana Spraydeck is designed to keep you high-and-dry while running challenging whitewater. Spraydecked packrafts are best for keeping you dry & warm, surfing bigger features without swamping (and getting rejected), and have extra reinforcement in the wear-areas for bikepacking. It performs best in Class I-III rivers and features our 840d DuPontTM Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend* reinforced floor system.

Weighing 11.1lbs (5.0kgs) and packing down to the size of a sleeping bag, the Nirvana is perfect for whitewater, backcountry trips, hiking, bikepacking, and multi-day adventures. 

  • Floor material changed to  our first-in-class 840d DuPontTM Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend* reinforced floor system from 840d Nylon-TPU, giving you increased durability on the water.  *DuPontTM and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours. and Company.
  • External D-Rings changed from 0.75in (1.9cm) Nylon Webbing to  1in (2.5cm) Mil-Spec Webbing. Changed across all 2020 boats to improve durability over the life of the d-ring and increase the strength of the d-ring for attaching heavier loads.
  • 3-Point Thigh-Strap attachment points changed from 0.75in (1.9cm)  Nylon Webbing to  1in (2.5cm) Stainless Steel D-Rings (bound by 1in (2.5cm) Mil-Spec Webbing). Redesigned to improve Thigh-Strap retention, ease of installation, durability, and tension against the legs. Compatible with the 3-Point Thigh-Strap Kit (2020) or NRS 2-Point Thigh-Straps.
  • Added 2x (left and right) Internal 1in (2.5cm) Mil-Spec Webbing D-Rings*. Designed for lashing Delta Inflatable Drybags or other drybags to prevent movement in challenging rapids. *Available on TiZip equipped Nirvana packrafts only.
  • Compression Straps changed from 0.75in (1.9cm) Nylon Webbing to 1in (2.5cm) Mil-Spec Webbing.
  • New EVA Backband offering greater support, comfort, and a small-pocket for that clutch-Snickers.
  • New Kokopelli Logo & Name design and placement.


Do you love whitewater, have zero extra space, and need a minimalist option that performs? Then the Nirvana Spraydeck is the boat for you. Designed with a narrow trim, aggressive rocker on the bow, and a large-volume stern, the Nirvana offers excellent stability perfectly suited for crushing Class I – Class III rivers. 

We’ve engineered this whitewater packraft to be packed with features like our first-in-class 840d DuPontTM Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend* floor system, Mil-Spec Webbing D-rings for strapping down gear, and optional TiZip storage compartment. 


Durability and performance are pivotal, which is why the Nirvana is built from our toughest lightweight material. It features our 210d TPU Nylon sidewalls and proprietary 840d DuPontTM Kevlar® Aramid-Nylon Blend* floor system. 

The seams are first stitched and then welded with double-reinforced 1in (2.5cm) wide seam tape. Additionally, the pontoon-to-floor attachment point is glued to the sidewall and then reinforced with v-seam tape around the entire interior of the packraft.

Whitewater Series packrafts also have an additional 3in (7.6cm) of floor material coverage on the sidewalls for extra reinforcement and protection.

The Inflatable Seat  is made from 210 denier Diamond-Ripstop Nylon and uses a Stem Valve . This keeps you comfortable, improves paddling position, and allows for deeper, more efficient paddle strokes.

For the main pontoon, the Nirvana features a Leafield D7 valve , the most durable valve on the planet. The same valve as used in all full-size rafts, the Leafield is made from roto-molded plastic and is threaded and screwed together, not welded or glued. Meaning your valve will never come un-welded or fall apart. The Leafield D7 also easily integrates with the all new TRiB airCap , Feather Pump or our Inflation Tube , and  Inflation Bag.


Packraft: 3 year
Optional TiZip: 1 year