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Rocket Box (Groover) Toilet System

The Eco-Safe Toilet System is designed to fit into a 20 mm rocketbox but can also be used as a stand alone toilet. Its cubical shape saves 20% of the space required by a round bucket type toilet system. The Eco-Safe Toilets Rocket Box System includes a 5.5 gal. tank, full sized comfortable seat with lid, washout kit for flushing, pressure relief vent, and buttress threaded, gasketed closures.  The Eco-Safe Toilets Rocket Box System empties easily at an RV dump or in a Scat Machine.  Meets BLM, NPS and USFS requirements.

Does NOT include the 20mm  rocketbox.

  • Length 17.0in
  • Width 7.5in
  • Height 13.5in
  • CapacityApproximately 50 uses per tank)