Bote Board Flood 10'6" & 12' SUP Board

The fun board, the long board, the cruising board, that all 'round board. Volume, length, and shape combine to make this board all of the above. The "Surf Style" shape makes this board  great for your flat water and beach wave adventures. Similar in shape to the HD, it has a comparable capacity and offers similar goodies like the Stashpod™, Tackle Rac Receivers and bungees. Don't let the word "Surf" fool you, this bad boy still paddles like a it looks really cool on top of your car! Includes center fin.

Specifications 10'6:                                 

10'6" x 30" x 4.5"                                     

Weighs 28 lbs                                           

For paddlers up to 230 lbs  


Specifications 12':

12' x 32" x 5"

Weighs 32 lbs

For paddlers and gear up to 350 lbs


*Available for in store pick up only