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Down River San Juan XD AS 3-Bay Raft Fishing Frame


This frame will fit a 13' Rocky Mountain Raft, 13' Hyside, or a 13' NRS Otter 130.  We currently have a 13' Rocky Mountain Raft in stock to fit this frame.

A guide favorite, the San Juan Extra Duty Anchor System is our trademark fishing frame.  It is designed for serious fishermen. 

This frame provides the best combination of comfort and functionality. This frame is a great value and offers great versatility.  It includes everything you need to rig out your raft into a very functional fishing rig.  When you are not fishing you can remove the fishing components and run it as a 3-bay whitewater frame.  

The San Juan AS includes oar towers, kick bar, DRE Captain's Seat, front thigh brace w/ horns, poly deck, and Anchor System with a basic swivel seat.   (Frame shown with additional accessories)

  • The captain's seat pivots forward to allow 100% access to the area underneath. An ideal space for a cooler or dry box
  • The mesh captain’s seats are easily removable (via two snap pins) and double as a camp chair. (Usually for the person that forgot their folding chair.)
  • DRE has integrated its kick bar into a cross bar. Which allows our kick bar to support a cooler or dry box and still provide a firm place to put your feet.  It adjusts to an angle that exactly suits your foot position. Designed to allow two different angle settings; one for you and if you have a taller/shorter person rowing your rig, the other position will make them happy too. (Kick bar angles should be selected and pinned during initial frame setup.)
  • Poly Decks can be hinged with our new Deck Hinges.
  • All cross bars are fully adjustable to accommodate different sized gear in the future.
  • Super quick break down for portage or transportation. Loosen 10 sets screws and pull 4 snap pins … it’s that simple.
  • DRE’s standard oar towers are the best there are and provide all the adjustability you need to get the perfect rowing position.
  • The towers easily adjust forward or backward to accommodate any arm length.
  • Built in 12° offset to provide the correct relationship between the oar shaft and oar lock. If further adjustment is needed the towers can be easily canted in or out.
  • By design, our oar towers are initially “extra tall” to accommodate even the tallest rower. During an initial one time set up, the bottom of the oar tower needs to be cut off to lower the oar lock to the best height for you.
  • DRE’s oar tower system allows you to make all the adjustments you need to get the exact stroke that you like. This is most appreciated in big water where “every little bit” counts.