Glide Mongo Whitewater SUP Board

Built for river play, The Mongo will get you safely down your local play run. Taking a trip to the coast, don’t forget to take along the Mongo, it has also shown itself quite capable in the surf.

The Mongo was designed shred river waves. The board will easily handle your local play run, with enough characteristics to surf your brains out. The Mongo has also proven itself to be a great downriver board for smaller users, and incredible in the Ocean Surf. The Mongo has kick rocker in the nose, single concave, and then a deep vee in the tail. The paddleboard is fast on a wave, and easy to initiate rail to rail turns. If you are looking for a board primarily used to surf river waves, but still want to be able to run the river, this is your board.

  • Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating withstands the abuse caused from rivers and rocks
  • Universal rail for both rivers and oceans
  • Included with the board is a Futures Keel fin
  • FCS 'easy carry' handle allows for easy portage
  • 9' length allows for performance surfing
  • Kick rocker nose
  • Classic shape allows for clean releases in all surf conditions
  • Full size non-slip deck pad gives you options for footing placement
  • Glide exclusive Kick Pad integrated into the deck pad
  • USDA biomass certified Entropy resins reduce our impact on the environment and waterways

Length: 9'
Width: 32''
Thickness: 4 3/4''
Volume: 155L
Weight: 24 lbs

  • Self regulating vent allows for maintenance free thermal venting
  • Available for in-store pickup