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GSI Glacier Stainless Percolator 36C

Argued by many river enthusiasts as the best method to prepare group coffee, the percolator has seen use in the American West, on Arctic expeditions, and on river trips across the globe.

The GSI Coffee Percolator 36C is an ultra-rugged, classic-style stovetop percolator seamlessly crafted from Glacier Stainless steel for maximum durability, taste and performance. The BPA-Free PercView knob gives you a perfect view of your brew so you know exactly how strong it is and won't shatter on the rocks. The GSI Coffee Percolator 36C is equipped with a hinged lid for one less thing to keep track of in the kitchen.


  • Capacity  36C
  • Weight  3lbs 7oz
  • Height  11n
  • Length  9.3in
  • Width  11.7in
  • Material  Stainless Steel