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SUP Wheels - SUP Carrier for Biking and Walking

SUP Wheels are a great way to transport your SUP board by attaching them to your bike or when you are walking.  No more struggling getting it on a roof rack or carrying it to the water.
  • Includes a Strap handle to hold onto
  • Adjustable strap to hold up to 14 foot length boards
  • Connect to the SUP Wheels® axle to handle on the nose
  • Carries a single paddle board
  • Walk or bike your board to the water
  • Connects to a bike seat with no permanent hardware
  • Removable strap handle to became a Classic model
  • Saves your energy for your workout on the water
  • 60% reduction in weight on you unlike a sling 
  • Protect your investment in your board, less chance of damage and NO suction cups needed 
  • Take the wheels with you on your board
  • No loosing your wheels, SUP Wheels® float in the water
  • Save your back, use it as your cart for carrying your gear on the board


  • Marine grade aluminum axle frame carries majority of the weight
  • 15 inch frame to hold the tail of most boards standard, race or inflatable boards
  • 14 inch never go flat wheels are the largest in the industry
  • Patented no metal wheel bearing system to work in sandy and salt water environment 
  • 8 pound (3.6 Kg) weight
  • Storage pegs on the frame hold the wheels in the compact storage
  • Unit is a closed loop so it can be locked up if you leave it with your bike
  • Stainless steel fixtures so they are salt and rust resistant
  • Foam in UV resistant to hold up in the harsh sun
  • EPDM rubber bungee cord UV resistant