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Exciting Reasons You Should Be River Tubing

May 15, 2017

We talk a lot on this blog about more extreme sports, like kayaking or whitewater rafting, but there are also other less intensive ways to enjoy the water on a hot summer day.  Summer’s on its tail end, and you need to get out there to explore river tubing before the fall starts to creep in!  Read on to find out why.


A History of Tubing


There are rumors that the practice of tubing came from Thailand.  It’s generally accepted that the sport came out of the automobile boom during the 20th century.  After we started making cars en masse, there were tons of extra rubber bits to make tubes out of.  Now, tubing doesn’t have to just be on the river–it doesn’t even have to be on water.  During the winter, snow tubing is a popular recreational activity.  And you can participate in open water tubing, where you are towed along behind a boat.  You’ve probably also seen a few tubes when you go to water parks, used to go down slides or to ride the lazy river.


Why You Should be Tubing


There are a lot of great reasons you should opt for tubing this summer.  For one, our rivers are perfect for it.  There are gentle sections that guide you down the river with ease, and just enough water movement to make the trip exciting.  It’s a relaxing trip; team up with your buddies or your family, and take that trip on the river that everyone can enjoy.  Your mother doesn’t have to worry about whitewater rafting , and it’s still thrilling enough to give you that sense of adventure that so often comes with Colorado rivers.


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