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Why Paddleboarding is the Hottest Trend in Watersports Right Now

May 15, 2017

Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUP for short, is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy the water. It’s a phenomenon we don’t usually see when it comes to watersports.  Rafting, kayaking and tubing tend to boast the most accessibility and thrill.  So, what’s so special about SUP?  Read on to find out.


What is SUP?


Paddleboarding is kind of like surfing, in that you stand on top of a board shaped a bit like a surfboard.  But instead of using your hands and the waves to travel, you’re equipped with a paddle.  SUP has actually been around for centuries ; native Hawaiians would use them to catch fish by spearing them from above.  They also assisted in traveling over flat water, especially rivers.  Now, SUP is a great sport that is accessible to anyone.  It’s far more laid back than rafting, and doesn’t require as much skill as kayaking does, so it’s perfect for beginners.


Why is it so popular?


Along with being relatively easy, SUP is also addicting.  It’s accessible.  If you have access to water, you have access to paddleboarding.  And it doesn’t have to be restricted to flat water–it can be extended to whitewater , as well.  Some people are even using SUP to practice yoga, due to the relaxed and calm feeling SUP appears to produce in people who try it out.  


And popularity has affected just how accessible the sport is.  With more demand, brands have been putting out board types that are more advanced with every model.  We rent out inflatable SUPs , due to their portability and durability.  There are many different types of boards to accommodate anyone, and any adventure.  It’s also an excellent way to enjoy nature.  When you’re out on the water, it’s peaceful.  You’re getting plenty of sun and plenty of exercise.  The paddling helps your upper body strength.  And if you’re worried about balance, don’t be; SUP is easy to get the hang of, and doesn’t require a lot of balancing.


Want to try out Stand-up Paddleboarding?  Come to Southwest Raft & Jeep!


We’re experts when it comes to SUP.  There’s no better place in Durango, Colorado, from which to rent.  We’ll keep you safe, secure and make sure you’re having the best SUP experience ever!

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