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Sawyer Brown Trout Oar Blade - Shoal Cut

The Sawyer Artisan Brown Trout Oar Blade is a Shoal Cut design featuring custom Brown Trout art by Link Jackson. A rugged, functional piece of art with a fiberglass reinforced wood core and Dynel/Kevlar ProTip around the edges for extra protection against the rocks. 


  • Brown Trout art graphics by Link Jackson
  • Fiberglass and laminated Douglas Fir wood oar blade
  • Sealed and finished with the finest marine grade varnish.
  • TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail-safe connection to your oar that won't silt up, rattle, or jam.
  • Comes standard with ProTip - super tough Dynel/Kevlar blade tip protection.


  • Shoal Cut blade dimensions:
    8.5" W x 30" L (measured at the belly)
  • TiteSet mount options (See diagram):
    • 1 5/8" Standard diameter  (Titeset Screw measures 6" from top of blade.)
    • 1 3/4" Large diameter  (Titeset Screw measures 4" from top of blade.)
  • Solid Mount Option (Please call for special instructions and ordering.)
  • Compatible with our PoleCat and MX oar shafts as well as most other composite shafts.