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Sawyer MXS Artisan Fish Oar Shaft w/Wrap, Stop and Counterbalance

The Sawyer Artisan MXS Oar features a light weight, exceptional strength shaft that is upgraded with prints of fish species from artists around the country passionate about fisheries and fishing art. The core of the MX system is the longitudinal fiberglass shaft, available in a variety of upgrades. Combine this with the blade that best fits your needs and rowing style and you have a truly customized oar that has the best balance of strength, weight, flex, durability and supports the Guide Relief Program!

Oar Blades

Sawyer Oar Shafts are compatible with all 1 5/8" TiteSet mount Sawyer Oar Blades. Sold separately 

Composite oar shaft sizes are for the   overall length  of the oar with a   standard 30" oar blade attached, so if you want a 9' oar, order a 9' composite shaft.


  • Tough fiberglass whitewater oar shaft
  • Comes standard with rope wrap and rubber stop
  • Laminated Fir barrel grip with vinyl rubber grip covers
  • Artisan Fish Art Wrap:
    • Brown Trout by Ty Hallock
    • Cutty Rain Brown by Link Jackson
    • Smallmouth Bass by Matt Stockton
    • Sockeye by Ed Anderson
    • Steelhead by Link Jackson
  • Interchangeable blades via TiteSet Blade Lock - solid, fail safe connection that won't rattle or jam


  • Available lengths: 8' to 12' (overall length)
  • MXS Shaft diameter: 1 5/8" I.D.
  • Grip Diameter: Standard (1 5/8") or Small (1 1/2")